• “Authenticated Approval Platform"


    Secure access to risk-sensitive processes and applications, with FSA -

    "an authentication-based"

    approval platform


  • FlexSecure

    FlexSecure's Authenticated Approval Platform enables one or more authorized approvers to authenticate in real-time, before a user can proceed with steps in a process.


    - Secure access to Risk-sensitive Processes and Actions


    - Address Single Sign-On vulnerabilities


  • FSA - Authenticated Approval Platform

    Single and Multiple Third Party Approvals

    • Secure, API-based  Approval Platform - with one or more approvers
    • Prevents unauthorized remote access to “the risk-sensitive crown jewels” (of information, processes/actions), within an organization
    • Can be used in APPs, Systems, Backends and APIs to secure any risk-related process or action

  • Request Access